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You can get a variety of enhanced services to support additional functionality, redundancy, etc. for your dedicated web servers.

Windows Operating System
We offer Windows Server 2003, Web, Standard and Enterprise Editions.

Managed Hosting
We provide basic support to our customers, allowing you to get the most out of your servers.

Daily Backup
We offer daily backup services to a separate server. We can also configure a nightly rsync from your primary hard disk to a secondary hard disk.

Microsoft Software
We are a Microsoft Partner. We offer additional Microsoft software and applications such as SQL Server, Exchange, Office, FrontPage, Project, Terminal Server, SharePoint, and much more. The prices for these additional applications are excellent.

Operating System Maintenance
We can apply updates and security patches to your Operating System for you.

DNS Services
Domain Name Services to manage your zone files (host records, MX records, etc.).

Additional IP addresses
IP addresses are available as needed.

Hosting Account Control Panels
Choose from Webmin, Ensim, Plesk, or install your own.

Server Monitoring
We monitor your server 24/7 and can send you text messages to report server statuses.

Custom Installations
We can install specific applications on your server for you.

Email Filters
We can install and configure blackholes, antivirus, and spam filtering on your servers.

Dedicated Bandwidth
Get dedicated bandwidth for your server(s) in any quantity desired. You can even transfer existing contracts you may have to our carrier-neutral facility.

Firewall Protection
Protect yourself from hacks and attacks from the Internet. Personal Firewall / VPN available for Dedicated Servers. Essential for Windows Servers.

Call Us

Call us now at 248-336-7843 for more information on how we can provide you with the custom services you need for your dedicated servers.


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